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WGS BLACK HAWK HP 100w 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker 8ohm


Review from http://jvmforum.com
The WGS Blackhawk Alnico HP arrived this afternoon and I installed it in my JVM215C combo (and uninstalled it and re-installed it about 4-5 times to compare against the stock speaker) This is a GREAT sounding speaker. Cleans were super clear with great detail and even balance across the frequency spectrum. Compared to the stock G12B-150, this was SOOOOO much better. After hearing this one, the stock speaker seems like it has a blanket over it. If the lower volume sample of the OD channel is any indication of what's to come, I'm really going to like this speaker. The OD tones had really tight bass and just enough bite to stand out, without any harshness in the uppers. In this combo, I've tried a Scumback M75, a Vintage 30, a Veteran 30, an ET-65 and a Retro 30 and while most of these speakers sound great, I just could not get the low end deep enough for the 1x12. Not so with the Alnico...the bass is deep and makes this combo sound bigger than it is.... this could be the one... Now, of course, I couldn't let the corksniffing end there, so I'm still waiting for the Celestion Alnico Gold to show up so I can compare these two, but the good news is, it's gonna be one of these two.. I cannot wait to crank this one up...

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul R9 (Main guitar), and many more!!....
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