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WGS G12C American Vintage 75w 12" Guitar Speaker 16ohm


Review from www.thegearpage.net
These G12Cs are FANTASTIC and JUST EXACTLY WHAT I WANT from a 12 inch speaker. Everything is there in this speaker, the build quality is excellent (as are all WGS speakers) but the tone is absolutely fantastic. The highs are there but not harsh, they are musical and allow my strat to get that stinging overdriven strat sound (think SRV el Macambo) without any harshness. Good present highs, stinging when you want them to be, smooth when you don't. The mids are just perfect and lend to excellent articulation and feel. This speaker does not sound hollow like my webers did. The bass is perfect, allowing for great blues rythym tones and big, deep, bell tones on the bottom strings when playing single notes. Great presence and articulation and a nice BIG FULL sound across the tone spectrum. I have noticed these speakers also seem to give the controls on my amp, pedals and guitar more range and they open up the sound and depth of the reverb as well.
Date Added: 19/09/2012 by Lean Business