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WGS G12C American Vintage 75w 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm


Previously I bought a WGS Green Beret and was really impressed, so having tried a Jensen C12K in my vintage Fender Concert valve amp and being very disappointed I thought I'd try the G12C. I recorded a few sounds with the Jensen in the amp so I could compare it after the swap but I didn't need to listen to them again, the WGS _IS_ the sound I was looking for, now my amp SOUNDS like the vintage Fender amp it is. It is clean, sparkly, present, sensitive and has a nice round bass without muddiness. I haven't played it for long but the difference is so dramatic and so very, very good. I am super impressed with WGS speakers, superb sound and great value.

Lean give superb service and great prices, I will buy from them again and am recommending them to others.
Date Added: 13/04/2016 by Simon Greaves