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CIARE 12.00 SW PUNISHER 12" 8ohm sub-woofer


Great little tank of a cone.
Obviously, it's the 'punisher' cone, for punisher subs, however, this little cone has other tricks up it's sleeve.
It's one of the 1st cones I came across that tunes up perfectly in reflex, giving a deep powerful bass, very much like the sound of a proper large reflex rig, just at lower volume, but in a much smaller package.
Obviously, with a low efficiency like it has, it can't really do much at PA levels in a reflex, but it makes a stunning little studio sub, or a small sub for a zone in a night club, or an awesome addition to a serious home hifi / house party system.
I've put them in under-seat subs in VIP areas of the Gatecrasher night club chain, I've put them into numerous other 'quieter' areas of club installs, and into smaller cafe / venues, like Inspiral Cafe in London.
I built two studio subs for myself, and built two custom 3-way speakers, with a 10" / 1.4" duel concentric driver.
They've never failed to deliver.
As well as sounding gorgeous, they are tough as old boots.
The two in the Inspiral Cafe got driven to limit several times a week, for 8 yrs or so, and the protective grill went missing at some point, so they were getting kicked, & cleaners slopping water & mops all around it.
They looked a right state, when they got taken out,but both cones were working fine.
I think I'm going to give them a re-cone though anyway...
because they're worth it. ;)
Date Added: 14/09/2020 by Jody Brown