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18 Sound 18W2000 8ohm 18" 1200watt High Output LF Ferrite Driver


I have been building / aquiring my system for the last 2 years. It consists of 6 1850 horns and 4 MT102s mid tops. We are a legal System doing local festivals, events club nights + Hires. Having used PD 1850 mk1 drivers in my horns for some time and being impressed with the sound and air movement i had never imagined trying anything else in them. Until i was offered the opportunity to test some 18sound W2000 18" drivers. The Theile parameters are a pretty close match for the pd1850 and they have a nice high EBP so i thought i would give them a go.

I decided on using a pair of 1850 horns & 1 MT102 per side, one pair Loaded with the PD1850 mk1 drivers and the other with the 18sound drivers. Both Pairs of horns were powered by Crown Ma 3600 amps. Once i had it all set up i let the system warm up a little spinning a few records. Instantly it was apparent that the horns with the 18sound w2000 in them were playing a lot louder and this was with equal power at a low level signal. This did take me by surprise as i had assumed that they wouldn't come close to the Pd1850.

Now i was satisfied the system had warmed up nicely so i ran the signal at half power on the Ma3600s to the PD1850 loaded horns listens for a couple of minutes then switched to the 18sound w2000 loaded horns at the same level.

The 18sound w2000 loaded horns sounded warm and punchy with a very surprising amount of bass output for such a lowish level from the amp. The Pd 1850 loaded horns were pretty quiet in comparison. once again this really surprised me. i put it down to the pd1850 being a very power hungry driver. i continued switching between the two stacks and running both at the same time for half an hour or so, trying the amps at various output levels. unless the Pd 1850 drivers were pushed pretty hard they did not come close to the w2000s.

The Pd1850 has a higher xmax and BL so it will cope better with abuse, but the W2000 has such a lively sound at low levels and an EBP of 144 which will give you that kick in the chest with half the amp Wattage. I am in no way saying that the W2000 is going to be a better over all driver than the Pd1850 but each unit being at least 150 cheaper and performing a lot better at lower amp levels makes it a much more ideal affordable replacement for those not in a position to spend out on multiple Pd1850 drivers.
Date Added: 18/01/2014 by Yan Bierowiec