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Celestion FTR15-3070E 400w RMS 8ohm 15" Woofer Speaker



FTR is Celestion's next generation of premier quality, professional loudspeakers. These high-power drivers incorporate a number of innovations that together combine to deliver groundbreaking performance, significantly minimising distortion and reducing thermal compression.
Suitable for use as a sub or mid range within 2-way or 3-way systems, the FTR15-3070C boasts provides 400 watts rms (AES Standard)power handling with a high output of 99dB sensitivity. This LF driver employs Celestion Flexirol(TM) technology for greater excursion control and uses saturated gap technology for lower harmonic distortion. With a 5.5mm Xmax the FTR15 3070E offers a longer cone travel then FTR15 3070C The smart cast aluminium chassis design minimises acoustic distortion, as the unit delivers performance right down to extremely low frequencies.

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Nominal diameter

15", 381mm
Power Rating

Nominal impedance


Chassis type Die Cast Aluminium
Voice coil diameter
3", 76mm
Magnet type

Magnet weight 2.3kg

Frequency Range 40Hz-4000Hz
Suspension Single
Unit Weight 6.3kg

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