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4 x Celestion BL10-100X Bass Guitar Speakers BUNDLE PACK



4 x BL10-100X Speakers for sale, Special Offer Price & single item postage charge

While stocks last!!

Celestion BL speakers provide the punchy bottom end that will support the rest of the band while carry forward your individual expression.
The latest Celestion Green label BL10-100X provides an extremely articulate top end (vital for modern playing styles), this speaker really comes into its own in 4 x 10" cabs when the bass really stacks up!

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Nominal diameter

10", 254mm
Power Rating

Nominal impedance


Chassis type Pressed Steel
Voice coil diameter
1.5", 38.1mm
Magnet type

Frequency Range 50Hz-3500Hz
Resonance freq. 50Hz
Unit Weight 5.3lb, 2.4kg

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