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Celestion FTR15-4080FD 1000w 8ohm 15" Woofer Speaker - SPECIAL


very good subwoofer, I have for of them, mounted in 4560 JBL sub.

1000w real RMS, very long excursion, strong bass and rugous mechanical.

I use them with old french POWER amplifiers, 1000w RMS each in bridge mode.

with 2 sub + 2 sat (2500w rms of total amplifier) I have ever made with 300 persons without problem.

I double the system in outdoor, it's perfect.

This sub are very good, the 97db is a just little but with the horn of the 4560 I win 4db. controlled by a DCX2496 behringer, used 50-200hz cause of the JBL 4560.

Big magnet and double spider! 4 inch voice coil with 3" vented by magnet.
Date Added: 02/06/2009 by Olivier Dieudonné